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strong presumption that we have to do with alcoholic multiple neu
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indicated at all stages of the disease quinine given per rectum twenty grains
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the case of ascending infection. In cortical tuberculosis Durand Fardel
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Before using the scrum the mortality had averaged per
and had been tapped twice. Ovariotomy was performed
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undergo myomatous and colloid changes. Adhesions to neighboring
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those who have returned are full of the delightful enter
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terior border is very short so that the ovary and ovarian
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physical or mental shock. The clinical evidence of dis
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ceriton des anciens a produit de tout a fait indigene et cj
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fingers or better still in cases of suspected hemor
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however Mr. Solly appeals against the proceeding and as
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removed. It will be observed that Mr. Fergusson elected
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fistel als Folge eines Ulcus ventriculi. Deutsche Ztschr.
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failure or inflammation of the pleura or pericardium.
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is encroached upon. A congestive venous hyperemia will arti
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The respiratory symptoms differed in the type of pneu
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nities whilst the mass of people will hold themselves
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possibility of perforating the lung by fine needles thus letting air into the
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gymnastic and mechanical management of a host of con
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human serum taken as controls each gave their characteristic reaction
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contain hemoglobin. They carry oxygen from the lungs
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caused by tuberculosis. The State Board of Health evolved
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of the patient s general health should be looked to the bowels
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tically the diagnostic feature of these cases. The author
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ous destruction of two cervical and one dorsal verte
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and he operated on them as soon as he could get them
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had the honour of any communication either oral or v Titten
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indicated at all stages of the disease quinine given per rectum twenty grains
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perplexity as to the meaning of this peculiar product of revaccination
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mixture i ordered to be kepi before dispensing for at
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The absorption of the clot generally commences in about
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resources. It is generally a sure sign of quackery when one is
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subjects for preventive Medical art they should be carefully
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the leptospira among the wdld animals encountered in Guayaquil.
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command of the after treatment he does but half release