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systolic and diastolic murmur the latter not well marked

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VI. Breed. In well bred animals the reaction against the

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the injury may have been caused by rheumatic or syphilitic effusions or

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by this mass and on careful palpation the uterus can be

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jected to the harsh treatment it receives in the act of snoring.

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evacuation of effused blood. Haemorrhage from the vessels of the

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to previously uninfected localities from places where the water

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permits the invasion of a peribronchial tuberculosis

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words slow pulse slight rise of temperature vomiting loss of power in

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the pale cortex. Pelvis contains numerous small calculi. Left ureter

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method of Hesse has been more widely used perhaps than any

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by other diseases must have succumbed to the violence of the initial

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sidered. Torticollis is caused of course by a contraction of the

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three original engravings. The cases occurred in Dr.

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halting and slurring syllables being frequently omitted. There is especial

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splash and an absence of the vesicular murmur all of which ausculta

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absence of vomiting only two of the fourteen having been

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was slaughtered at an abattoir where United States inspection

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and cardio paresis. For renal insufficiency we must favor depuration of the

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while at other times it will require a high power to de

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directed to proceed to New Orleans La. and assume command

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matter. The lateral ventricles are dilated to compensate for the atrophy of

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