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office work it will not be possible for him to attend as many
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be increased if the opium symptoms diminish or discontinued if narcotism is
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of better facilities for examination and treatment and the fact that equipment
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to distinguish artificial and degenerative appearances from normal ones in
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The prognosis in these cases as regards pronation and supination is im
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The granules of ink injected into the blood seem to have no definite
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throats were capable of exciting disease when the natural
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sults. While he agreed theoretically with the rules laid
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growth occurred under all conditions except the anaerobic as produced
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another unbroken suppurating SAvelling Avas dealt Avith in like manner
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puerperal phlebitis or peritonitis or during epidemics of
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and there is no meanness to which he will not stoop to get
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leaving the flaps open for six to twelve hours. When all bleed
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week of tuberculosis to which he subjected himself in
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sinuses and the deep fissures of the pharyngeal tonsil.
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ple labor but also after the Ijirth of twins not only
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given slowly over a period of min. it takes much longer for the
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There is yet one category of facts that needs a word or
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the withdrawal of blood is practiced about an hour after gassing.