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placement is greatest and in proportion to the extent of displacement the

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the milder forms of the affection as dyspepsia according to the classic

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The paroxysm begins abruptly. Patient has a feeling of lassitude and

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pain over mastoid. No swelling in external auditory canal.

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dant material for discussion. Their application to revious as well

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tection has ceased these adhesions tend to disappear.

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Clinical Instructor in Auscultation in the Harvard Medical School Physician to

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This is obviously due to their poor wearing qualities

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the nasal process of the superior maxillary bone and

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above announced that its action is identical with that of

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Dr. Charles Smith Jane married Abr. Blauvelt Joseph

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the blood stream induced cellular necrosis it was rare

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Davy was read containing further experiments on the effect of

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Complete isolation from family and friends is secured with a

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practising physician in the State died at his home

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by nerve grafting. The eight other patients in this group were either examined

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to render her early demise probable. Inherited gouty tendencies showed

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tic infection about a year ago but now had the sec

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the brain nutrition by embolism of the small vessels. It is however

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suppressed one should not expect to find any increased

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truth it is hardly to be expected that an agent which

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reason of hemorrhage in intussusception was that obstruc

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self might be. Experiment and especially the inoculation

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another specific fever will modify the duration of the several stages

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be worn at night in cool weather. The skin should be

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After a repetition of such attacks a more severe involvement may occur

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mental and nervous afllections and in rabies occasionally in the acute

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servers. The writers here quoted do not think that they are general

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the treatment of cardiovascular disease is the regulation of

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the constitution offered at the last meeting and would recommend

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try to weigh it against its evil influence and find

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Relation BETWEtN Fermentabiuty of Different Organic Media.

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of great importance. The value of nearly all the domesticated

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of lint moistened with warm water covered with oil silk

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blood vessels being ligated as they are met with and

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outset there must be an unconditional surrender in the use of al

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ination of some scrapings that the disease was mycotic stomatitis