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pany elected James P. Drake Captain and John McDougall First Lieu

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tors. The horse is never vicious but it is always timid. Sounds have

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are fully described. Several of these articles are from the

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and Otologist St. Agnes Hospital. Octavo pages with

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compound so formed. The local effects of iodine which

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epidemiologic studies have made it clear that patients in

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and for making every kind of necessary returns of sick

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tended half a yard. There are no flashes in the dark. The

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repeated every hour until h.aolioration or change. Baryta curb is

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or if he prefers the Latin to have quoted that correct

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ly to be successful if performed early in the disease

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The diagnosis between spasmodic contraction of the sphinc

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rior occipital convolution. F postsep tal F. at back

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amount of air compression caused by various degrees of

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not think that vomiting would have occurred spontaneously.

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having discarded the crude contrivance of Robertson s wooden box

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regain the power of reading and writing she practised much with

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is overdistention of the bladder or pressure exists. The cause

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imported it into the desert and wherever they established

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to judge Professional or lay when we state that the cases

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through the South have prevented me. I can therefore only put

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cold extremities collapse and generally no symptoms of severe

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It would be wholly impossible in a work like the present to enter

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lary fissure. F. lae erum orblta le sphenoidal fis

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invigoration of the German people through the universal practice of

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avowedly on the ground of enlightened self interest.

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manufacture of two kinds vis. fine powders and gran

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reported. In spite of the fact however that the con

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shown this to be amply sufficient. In the ill defined

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of this decrease was dependent upon the sensitiveness of

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curring in diabetic patients of which he had met with

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could see the benefit in the cases that were hopelsssly

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It is hoped that the degree in.Surgery which has lately

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of the patient s general health should be looked to the bowels

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of the symptoms and in a considerable proportion of cases is followed by

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This marvellous little volume is by an American. Marvel

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The Great Omentum with more Especial Reference to the

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Signs. At the approaching of the suffocation there is a

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their diets were more frequently supplemented with fish fresh fruit and even

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granted by this board would be worthy of acceptance

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C Ebony Handles on Knives and Saw as shown in illustration OO

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usuallj oocnra in paroxjems. It has been more fullj described

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think necessary and to remember that in this type of

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The Registrar read a letter from Dr. Styrap of Shrews

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probably to the same causes that produce necrosis of the intestinal

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lants. Others of long tropical residence deny these

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ported by a net work of fine capillaries forming an alveolar arrangement.

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illustrations the type and the index are excellent.


cases of secondary suture at periods varying from a

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concerned. The precipitation of colloidal gold in gen

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tailed statements regarding the increase of blood press

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