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Dispensary. It is to be hoped that the success of the Hospital

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eighth day of her illness and the twenty second day of

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Being a member of the Provincial Congress which sat at

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your operation. In this case of course we could not

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A man was admitted into hospital with symptoms of adynamic pneumonia. After

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rheumatic and sclerotic conditions can be traced to

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night he became very noisy and fought his attendants

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several remissions at equal intervals intermittent fever is simulated.

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of retention was proved. Of the pyloric spasms asso

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power to protect from contamination by suitable regula

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the Philadelphia Hospital. Hospitalism he believed to

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charge of the echinococcus sac into the intestine. But this rarely

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wound before opening the tracheal wall which can usually

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went to a hospital in this city where he remained for

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ing to Toronto for the work at the University the coming session.

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and joined by a broad thick membrane which extended

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