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Dr. Handfield Jones gave the following description of the micro

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The excessive prevalence of pellagra in the mill village population is found

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HAIG. Causation of Disease by Dric Acid. A Contribution to the Pathology of

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surgical treatment is indicated. Specific treatment will

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cases asually die shortly after birth. At the twentieth or thirtieth

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malformation of the genital organs. In the author s

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soon seen that Friedlander s microorganism was present

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dermic injection has a better effect than the same or a greater quantity

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found to be due to Streptococcus viridans which was

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the bend of the thigh will be deeper and longer than

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that phosphorus is at the jiresent time being used to

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Among the causes of the latter he mentioned heredity

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accurate. I refer to the experiment of control carried out in