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sociated with continued high fever. He gives half a gram

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time of infection. Nevertheless both in recent and earlier times there

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The treatment consisted almost solely in douching with boracic

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two days fourteen hours and in pappataci fever four

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medical officers of a majority of the companies and

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they said they would make no appointments that was last spring

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under the tongue by the port of the bit. An engraving representing

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suffered from the classical symptoms of gastric ulcer.

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well marked fever with characters like those of the other

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emic condition of the mucous membrane is the cause of

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ladders but we fear faults creep in even as in air

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sional respect the General Council do hereby adjudge that

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volving the spleen. The pathology of the disease remains to be writ

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The following tables by Dr. Geo. Gregory taken from the records

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the B. influenzce cooperates with one of the other micro

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Hemorrhages associated with choroido retinitis are not to be confused with

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this disease. The woman had developed at a rate that was greater

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After a time as the blood was propelled through the vessels

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half of the abdomen. Oftentimes the only diagnosis pos

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people. At the back of the nose there were many kinds of

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periodically further it should bo borne in mind that ventilating ducts

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but a close study of the characteristics of the case and its comparison

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fountains or cascades. On account of the insolubility of the ozone it

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tree that grows in Africa and Southern Asia. The form

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disease progresses the skin is thrown into large folds

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adopting other means to assist in the prevention of disease. No

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of atropia was the treatment adopted. In three days the blood had

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disease can only be imperfectly carried out. Salol has been recommended

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tremities of which were occluded. The specimens were of small size.

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patient s death and the brain was committed for examination to

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whether as an additional safeguard the word surgeon

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a sarcomatous element be present or not ail uncertainty which

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Our fourth case appeals strongly to our sympathies.

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luni. the ovaries and tubes inspected and the necessary plas

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for competition may be upon any subject in Medicine and must be

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Poscilocytosls pe sil o sit o sis. See Poikilocytotis.

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alimentary canal to perform its allotted task and the